A glimpse of the future?

So Lenin and I were visiting family and we all went for a walk in Battery Park City. Sadly all the grassy areas are dog-free zones. 🙁 But there were lots of dogs walking around on leash all over the area! One of which was Dasha, a 6-year-old Berner. She was super sweet and played just like Lolly! They both would bow down and hop around, almost identically, and both were submissive and rolling over to show their bellies. It was so cute! I tried to get a nice picture of both the girls, but I guess that is virtually impossible, haha…. Aside from more white, Dasha looks so much like Lolly. Similar face shape and build…. but with a lot more hair! I wonder if Lolly will look like her 5 years from now. 🙂

After running into Dasha, her owner told us that there was a dog run close-by. It was a very nice dog run – very clean, shady, and lots of space to run and water to drink for the dogs. All the dogs that were there were so well-behaved and beautiful! They all played so nicely… I think Lolly was actually bored, hahaha. It got to the point that Lolly decided to run around crazily by herself up and down the whole run.

Lolly had a lot of fun, but I guess she’s not used to running on concrete. It turned out that while running (and sliding) around, she somehow cracked her front toe-nail and her quick began to bleed… a lot! Luckily one of the dog owners happened to have some Kwik Stop and was kind enough to lend us some. I’m so grateful! Thank you, wherever you are. After washing her foot and putting the Kwik Stop on her, Lolly was a little mistrustful of both of us and was avoiding us for a while. 🙁 She didn’t understand that the water on her foot was to help her, not hurt her. But after leaving her foot alone for a while she was back to her old self again.

I wonder if it’s because we trimmed her nails about a week beforehand… I use both the clippers and the Dremel (the clippers to cut of most, and the Dremel once I get closer to the quick – because it’s less likely to hurt her and it sands down the nails so they’re nice and smooth). What is the best length to have nails? Did I cut them too short? Were they already too long again? Was it just the concrete? I don’t know! But I don’t think we will be taking her there again, whatever the reason. She has more fun at the dirt park, and no major boo boos there.

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