More health mysteries

Oh Lolly, there’s always something going on with her.

Her rash seems to have come back again in the crotch area. It seems to be going away again but I’m never sure of these things. Last time we thought it was going away and what we saw was just scarring that would fade away after it was completely gone, but then we found out it was a staph infection.

We are still watching the “wart” in the corner of her mouth. It doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger now, but I do think we will be taking her to the vet again soon to make sure it isn’t anything major.

Last night she didn’t seem to want to poop. I feel like she forced it out outside because I was waiting. It was very little and diarrhea-ish. This morning she didn’t poop at all. This is different from her normal, twice-a-day schedule (and it took so long for her to get a regular schedule too, argh!). We’re wondering if it’s because she’s getting bigger. Maybe she’s able to hold it for longer now? It’d be nice if she only needed to go once a day! We’re hoping she is just an an awkward stage in between going from twice a day to once a day…. Keeping our fingers crossed.


Update: After some research, we believe Lolly has Canine Papilloma Virus. Apparently dogs with weak immune systems are prone to getting it – which definitely describes Lolly. Papillomas are common in puppies 2 years and younger. Some sites even mention that Bernese Mountain Dogs are predisposed to develop them, along with Whippets, Irish Setters, Beagles, Cocker Spaniels, Great Danes, and Kerry Blue Terriers. Apparently almost all cases are benign and go away on their own within 1-2 months. Luckily Lolly’s hides in the corner of her mouth; hopefully it will go away soon!

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