Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Things have been busy and the weather’s been cold (brr!) so we haven’t had much to update on. Lolly gets bigger every day, but she is still as cute as always! I’ve found that passersby tend to have two general reactions – they either find her adorable (and squeal accordingly) or they are fearful of her and her size. I guess it’s a love/hate thing…. =\

I am sad that people aren’t more open to dogs… in general. It’s not that I don’t understand – most dogs aren’t trained well, and can potentially make a real mess of things. Other than pet stores, I haven’t found any stores that are willing to let dogs in (though I’m not surprised there). Though there are some dog-friendly parks and dog runs in the Queens/Manhattan area, there aren’t many and the ones I’ve seen haven’t been that nice. Many parks don’t allow dogs in them at all, so we have to do research beforehand every time to make sure that we are even able to take Lolly – if we go there and she’s not allowed we could even get tickets from the police.

What is most difficult for me, though, is that I know my side of the family (vs. Lenin’s) are much more hesitant about dogs. My dad is not a fan, although I know he tries because he knows how much it would upset me to not include Lolly. The rest of the family won’t even let me bring her to their houses, so I usually end up having to make the choice of leaving Lolly with someone or not visiting at all. Usually I just choose not to visit, because I love my Lolly and I know she’s a good girl. It’s hard to make that choice though. I love Lolly but I also love my family, and I do want to see them too. I can’t, nor do I want, to force anything on anyone; I can’t make people like her. But I wish that I could help them see that Lolly is a smart, well-behaved and trained girl and they have nothing to fear with her.

Who Could Say No To This Face?

Because it’s so hard to find dog-friendly places for Lolly, I’ve been inspired to do a little bit of research. When Lenin and I went to the Meet the Breeds event at the Jacob Javits Center, we found a booth called I’ve just checked out the site, and it seems to be a wonderful resource to find dog-friendly hotels or plan dog-friendly trips. I will be looking into them more when I have more time on my hands…

I also picked up an issue of Animal Fair at the Central Park Event. This issue happened to be their Travel Issue (what luck!) from 2008. They have some articles on Pet-Friendly vacations in Cancun, Los Angeles, Nantucket, and Santa Barbara! They also include travel tips and awards for the best pet-friendly places/companies. In case you’re curious, here are their 2008 Cesar Five Dog Bone Awards recipients:
Airline: Continental Airlines
Automobile: Volvo
Destination: New York City
Hotel: The Driskill Hotel
Product: Sherpa Bags
Resort: Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
Shelter: Humane Society of Louisiana

Well, I need to get back to work, but I’ll let you know of any other research I find!

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