16 weeks, The Teenage Stage

So Lolly has turned 4 months today! She has now officially entered the “teenage stage.”

Lolly’s adult teeth are definitely coming in now. She has lost another tooth. I tried to jiggle it out but with no luck, checked back later and it was gone (presumably swallowed, which is ok!). We’ve made sure to have a good supply of appropriate chew toys and keep them in a box. Lolly seems to get bored with them after a while, so it’s good to cycle them with her so they seem like new!

Lolly's Teeth

She is definitely in full teething mode. When she’s not sleeping, she is chewing on all the toys we’ve gotten her. Earlier she had actually bitten our table in the living room, destroyed her first toy that the breeder had given us along with her when we picked her up, and she likes to bite herself as well (though we try to deter that behavior). Her rash comes and goes, but as the vet put it, it’s more like puppy acne. The spots get very red and blister and scab at times. We continue to put the ointment on her, and also bought the Vet’s Best Hot Spot Spray from Petco after reading some reviews and seeing what was around us. Lolly doesn’t like being sprayed though, probably because of it’s intense smell (tea tree oil is pretty stinky) and because the bark collar sprayed her when she barked and she probably gets reminded of that.

"Puppy Acne"

Lolly’s also been exhibiting fits of “the maddies” and when allowed, she tears around the house and is practically bouncing off the walls. At Abuela’s house (Lenin’s mother’s) she loves to jump up and run across the furniture – luckily they don’t mind and find it endearing, lol! She is still a little clumsy but is getting stronger and more coordinated. We’ve taken her on longer walks and to the dog run, where she can romp, play, jump, and run … generally with good accuracy, though she stumbles sometimes. I still love her puppy waddle! Lolly tries to play with everyone, but still gets winded very easily. She likes to sit under the bench most of the time as she regains her energy.

At the dog run

Lolly is also a lot more “brave” and inquisitive about things. Before she would wait for us to tell her it’s ok, and would peek into a room or walk as much as she could into it while leaving her rear paws outside the room (lol, such a funny sight). Now she goes into places like the bathroom without fear –  or permission. We definitely need to watch her more now as she is learning her independence, especially because she is definitely challenging and testing her limits now. She had pee-pad training down for a good while, but now likes to see how we react if she decides to eliminate somewhere else. We’ve gone back to the basics with her and have her crated most of the day when we are unable to watch her. It’s basically like starting over from square 1, although she is capable of holding her pee for much longer now. (The general formula is your puppy’s age in months + 1 = the number of hours they can hold their pee. So for Lolly, she is 4 months + 1 = 5 hours.)

Growth-wise, most puppies at this age are growing rapidly, and Lolly definitely falls into this category! They gain much of their weight between birth and 6 months of age, and some estimate that by 16 weeks of age a puppy is at least half of her adult weight. However, from what we’ve read and heard from our breed steward/breeders, larger breeds tend take longer and grow more slowly than smaller ones. We just weighed Lolly yesterday and she is now 35 lbs. I would be really happy if she is at the halfway point now! 70 lbs is at the very bottom of the weight range we expect her to be. Estimates led us to believe she’d be between 70-90 lbs. The way everyone talks about her and her paws though… we were starting to think she’ll end up being bigger! I guess we’ll find out!



16-week-old puppies may begin to show some of their adult hair coat. Lolly is starting to get a wavy line of hair down her spine and tail, and it is definitely a different texture than her soft puppy coat. (I’m really sad that it won’t be so sweetly soft anymore!) We’ve had to brush her pretty much daily now. She is shedding so much of her puppy hair that when we use our Mars Coat King comb we end up with a mound of loose hair! By the time I’m ‘done’ brushing her, there is a clump of hair about the size of a rabbit on the floor, LOL. So remember, it is super important to get your Berner (or any pup for that matter) used to being brushed and touched!

Some Adult Hair

More wavy hair!

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