Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  We’ve actually been without internet for the past few days because of the huge storms that took place on Thursday.  I never would have expected something like this to happen in NY – maybe down south where the tropical winds and such are, but to have 2 tornadoes touch down in NY, and a micro/macroburst zip through Forest Hills?  Our town is devastated.  There are huge trees down on almost every street, making Forest Hills seem more like a maze than a town.  Lenin and I have to drive the wrong way down our one way street because it’s blocked off.  The parks have been torn up too, and lately Lolly has nowhere to walk.  We took her to a dog run further away yesterday.  Now that she has all her shots (except her rabies shot, which we wanted to spread out since she was so overwhelmed last time) she is allowed to go and play with all the other doggies.  Lolly met probably around 20 dogs and played very nicely with all of them!  A cute, little girl, Kayla, was introducing us to all the dogs and their owners – it was a lovely time.

I’ll post some pictures from Lolly’s adventures later, but right now we are focused on cleaning up and getting life back to normal.  Until later!

Here are some photos from the storm:

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