Wee Wee Woes

I love Lolly. SO MUCH. But she is just not getting the wee wee pad training at all… I really thought she had it, because in the beginning she was peeing right on target, right on the wee wee pad, every time, with or without the pee drops to encourage her. We allowed her a bit more freedom when we played with her because we were watching her, but she has no ‘pee pee dance’ and just goes right on the spot most of the time. One time I was actually feeding her in her crate, and she just let loose without even a squat and with the food right in front of her. I thought it was instinct to pee as far away from your bed as possible. But that presents another problem. I don’t think she recognizes the crate as her bed. When given a choice where to lie down, she chooses the floor because it’s cold. We’ve tried to make her crate more comfortable, putting towels or a bed inside, but it only encourages her to pee. (She seems to think anything soft is a toilet.) We just don’t want her to get used to peeing in the crate, or to pee on the towels to cool herself off. We used to leave the crate door open into her play area where the wee wee pads were, but she has decided she likes to lie in her pee on the wee wee pads to cool off… so we had to deny her access to it unless we’re there to monitor her. Every time she starts falling asleep on the floor we try to bother her until she goes to the crate, or physically put her in, but she just doesn’t like it, or is very capable of ignoring us and continuing to snooze.

I don’t understand… It’s not like we ask her to hold it for long. We know she’s capable of holding it for 3 hours or so when water is available (we’ve been writing down her every move for the past couple of weeks), and she holds it all night after we take her water away at dinner time. So I’m really at a loss now. We praise her like crazy when she DOES pee on the wee wee pad. We chastise her when she pees anywhere else unacceptable, immediately too. But it’s just not clicking with her.

I wish I could catch her earlier, but the lack of a “dance” makes it hard. There’s no sniffing, no circling. Sometimes barely a squat. I try to be watchful, and I’ll catch her in the act and I’ll scream “Uh uh!” and clap my hands to surprise her out of it and carry her over to the wee wee pad, but she just doesn’t get startled enough and finishes before I can move her. I’ve looked everywhere for answers. At several sites’ recommendations, I make her look at her pee pee when it’s in the wrong spot and say “No!” and then move her to the wee wee pad and say nicely “go pee pee,” but that doesn’t seem to be working either.

Bah! I am mad. She’s a smart girl, but she’s just so dang lazy, lol. I hope that it doesn’t take us months for her to get it… We’re going to start back at square one and keep her confined all the time to the crate and letting her out every hour for pee break/play time. I wish I could leave the play area accessible for her like Dr. Dunbar’s book, but just she can’t be trusted with the wee wee pads by herself.

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