Methods to Correct the Madness, lol

So, Lolly has bonded with both of us.  Yay!

So  much that she can’t bear to be apart from us though. Oops! lol.

We’ve found that if there is any sort of barrier between us, whether it be a baby gate, crate, ex-pen, or a wall/door to another room, she starts crying. We tried to follow the book on this one, which just says to put stuffed kongs in her crate and she’ll learn to love alone time chewing in there. Didn’t quite work. She’s never hungry enough for the food. Or maybe she’s just so anxious she can’t eat? It’s good food, I stuffed the Kong to have a freeze dried liver in the top, some treats before that, and then her kibble in the rest of it, with peanut butter mixed in. A virtual smörgåsbord, lol. sources say to do. (For example, a quick Google search led me to thisHow to Stuff a Kong Toypage.) She pretty much ignores is. Licks at it from time to time.

We’ve also tried feeding her in the crate too, because we want the crate to be a positive experience, especially after last night’s drama. It gets her in the crate, but only for a few bites or a quick drink. She leaves the rest and then whines at us.

We’re concerned because she’s only eaten about half of what she should have eaten last night, and even less this morning. We’ve tried to feed her by hand, thinking it must be she wants attention, but even that is only for about 5-10 minutes before she stops and lies down on the floor. My only thought left is that she’s just too hot. We have the ACs on and blasting, left them on all night, but it’s still 80+ degrees in here. She must be melting.

Ignoring her didn’t really work, she just got louder and louder and would try to break out of the cage. Shaking a can of coins didn’t phase her either. I would tell her shush, after that, but Lenin said that any sort of attention would be rewarding the behavior. But we’ve spoken to Annette (the perks of having a great breeder who wants to stay involved!) and she says that a stern “No!” or talking in a normal, matter of fact voice saying “Cut it out, you’re FINE” is ok. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

What I suggested we do is that every time she starts crying/barking, we take a step away from her. If it escalates we leave the room because it’s “unacceptable.” She usually starts crying louder at this, but we’re hoping she will realize that it’s her barking that is making us go away the more we do this. This combined with the telling her to cut it out actually seems to be working so far, because she’s actually calmed down (well, now she’s passed out, haha) in her ex-pen. We try to be as random and matter of fact as possible and go in and out of the room. We’re hoping that she will realize that we come and go all the time, but we’ll still come back.

Sigh… it’s so hard but we will be strong. She cries like the world is coming to an end. LOL.

Well, she’s up now and playing with Daddy/Lenin. We’re off to the vet in a few minutes! Update to follow soon.

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