I know, I know… I’ve been really bad with the video updating.  We always need the internet for something or another and uploading always slows it down incredibly, so I kept putting it off.  It doesn’t help that youtube keeps having errors for me…. but enough with the excuses!

I have a ton of Lolly videos, but a lot of them are pretty similar.  Please enjoy these few though!

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Lolly Likes the Water?! & Lolly’s GDF Graduation!

Lolly had a play-date with Kirby last Wednesday. We love Kirby and his mommy, so it was great to visit them! Kirby is definitely the alpha dog when we get together, but Lolly loves to be the submissive one, so it all works out fine. 🙂 Both pups were little stars when we sat outside of the bubble tea place, lol.

I like to let Lolly experience different dog parks, if I can – I figure it gives her variety, a chance to meet new doggies, and it gives her something new to explore. I am in love with this dog park though! I can’t wait to go back! Tompkins Square Park is wonderful; unlike our usual dog park, this one is cleaner and uses sand instead of dirt. Even if Lolly rolls around in it, as long as she dries off it’s easy to brush the sand off and she’s good as new. Good news for Lolly, since that means no baths for her afterwards! I’m sure she’s happy about that…. Also, since it’s sand, I don’t have to worry about another nails incident like at the concrete park in Battery Park City. Lolly is able to run around as crazily as she wants and is – for the most part -unharmed. She did try to run under a bench when something scared her at one point and hurt herself. These benches are considerably lower than the ones at our usual park so she scraped her back a little bit. Of course, she was a little shocked at first, but then she was back to her usual, unfazed self after a minute or so. Her back is healing up already, too.

The main reason I love this park though, is because Lolly is able to cool herself off even if the day is really hot and sunny. It’s well shaded, but there are also little doggy pools! It took a lot of coaxing and a lot of bribery (treats! lol) to get her to step into that pool, but eventually I got her to go in! At first I think she was suspicious that I was trying to get her into a bath, but I think it helped that a lot of the dogs ran in and out and she saw that they enjoyed it. After we got her in there, she wouldn’t stop going back! She kept running back over to the pool and actually sat and lay down in it on her own. I’ve never seen her so happy. 🙂

Here’s Lolly after she first stepped into the pool:

Loving the Water!

She’s not a swimmer yet (obviously the pool isn’t deep enough), but she definitely enjoys wading!


We had our GDF Graduation yesterday! Lolly is officially a Good Dog. =P Here are some photos of her and her classmates!

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A glimpse of the future?

So Lenin and I were visiting family and we all went for a walk in Battery Park City. Sadly all the grassy areas are dog-free zones. 🙁 But there were lots of dogs walking around on leash all over the area! One of which was Dasha, a 6-year-old Berner. She was super sweet and played just like Lolly! They both would bow down and hop around, almost identically, and both were submissive and rolling over to show their bellies. It was so cute! I tried to get a nice picture of both the girls, but I guess that is virtually impossible, haha…. Aside from more white, Dasha looks so much like Lolly. Similar face shape and build…. but with a lot more hair! I wonder if Lolly will look like her 5 years from now. 🙂

After running into Dasha, her owner told us that there was a dog run close-by. It was a very nice dog run – very clean, shady, and lots of space to run and water to drink for the dogs. All the dogs that were there were so well-behaved and beautiful! They all played so nicely… I think Lolly was actually bored, hahaha. It got to the point that Lolly decided to run around crazily by herself up and down the whole run.

Lolly had a lot of fun, but I guess she’s not used to running on concrete. It turned out that while running (and sliding) around, she somehow cracked her front toe-nail and her quick began to bleed… a lot! Luckily one of the dog owners happened to have some Kwik Stop and was kind enough to lend us some. I’m so grateful! Thank you, wherever you are. After washing her foot and putting the Kwik Stop on her, Lolly was a little mistrustful of both of us and was avoiding us for a while. 🙁 She didn’t understand that the water on her foot was to help her, not hurt her. But after leaving her foot alone for a while she was back to her old self again.

I wonder if it’s because we trimmed her nails about a week beforehand… I use both the clippers and the Dremel (the clippers to cut of most, and the Dremel once I get closer to the quick – because it’s less likely to hurt her and it sands down the nails so they’re nice and smooth). What is the best length to have nails? Did I cut them too short? Were they already too long again? Was it just the concrete? I don’t know! But I don’t think we will be taking her there again, whatever the reason. She has more fun at the dirt park, and no major boo boos there.

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Lolly’s First Trip to the Beach

So every year my friend has an annual get-together – aka The Bash – at her family’s beach house in S. Dartmouth, MA. They decided to have it on Memorial Day weekend this year, and Lolly was especially invited! Everyone really really really wanted to meet her. 🙂 It was a great time and fun was had by all, most of all Lolly! She had a biiiiig backyard to romp around in, 20 new best friends who all liked to play with her, and she had her first experience at the beach. She was so tired by Monday that she slept almost the entire 5 hour ride back to NY…. and then after eating dinner slept some more in the comfort of her own home.

We are really proud of Lolly. She was very well behaved (except for one ‘excited pee’ in the very beginning)! We were surprised quite a bit this weekend too. Lolly actually liked the water (yay)! She is also apparently a very good guard dog. We were having our traditional bonfire on the beach and, although it was dark and we were all talking, Lolly was able to discern that there were other people walking around nearby that weren’t part of our group. I’ve never heard her bark so much before. I’ve never heard her howl before! She was so alert and on guard, it was a whole new side to her. I’ve noticed that since then she’s actually become a lot more vocal. She’s a good girl. Another surprising thought – though I guess it really shouldn’t be THAT surprising – is that Lolly ate a whole bunch of sand somehow. Her poop for the whole weekend was very sandy! LOL. Luckily it doesn’t seem to have affected her negatively, she didn’t even care. Oh, Lolly….

Here are a bunch of photos of Lolly at The Bash!

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Lolly the Therapy Dog

Lolly and I have officially passed our classes to be a therapy team. We will be graduating June 12. 🙂 No worries, we will definitely bring the camera!

It’s hard to describe the classes and what they taught… A lot of it was catered specifically to each team and what they needed to work on, rather than be taught in a teacher-class format. For the most part, all the dogs in the class already had great temperaments, so it mainly dealt with putting us in strange/new situations. The goal was to get both of us accustomed to what may happen that’s out of the ordinary – for the dogs: things like elevators, wheelchairs, canes, different types of people, etc. For the people: learning what to say, trying to roll with situations, how to protect your dog if things get too stressful, etc. Nothing beats preparation! I just wish dogs knew how to generalize behavior to different settings instead of having to learn how to act at each specific one.

For us, we still need to work most on Lolly’s excitement. She gets so hyper when she meets new people, especially hyper ones (like children, or my neighbor, Rosa, lol). No surprise there; we’re always trying to work on that anyway!

Claire was super knowledgeable, and she taught in a way that kept everyone involved. She injected humor into her lessons and it made it easy to remember, but in all seriousness I have no doubt she is an expert in what she is doing and I’d respect her advice in a heartbeat. I just wish we had more time to work with her. I feel the classes went by so fast!

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Happy Birthday, Lolly!

Lolly turned 1 year old yesterday. She’s growing up so fast! Here she is, all washed and clean, posing nicely with her bone.

Lolly is now 1 year old!

Normally I’d throw a birthday hat on her for some festivity, but I think she had any birthday wish, it’d be to not have to wear silly clothes. =P

Lolly was pooped!

I’m sure she has no idea what a birthday is, but she definitely enjoyed her day! We gave her some new toys, extra yummy treats and meals (her favorite part, I’m sure), took her for extra long walks and had extra playtimes. 🙂 She was happy, but pooped! Here she’s snoozing, though not too far away from her new favorite toy… gotta keep that close by. 😉

Practicing our bedside manner! (har har har)

Lolly’s Therapy training is going well. We’re being exposed to lots of different situations. I’m beginning to think I am the weakest link in our trainer/dog team! Lolly has trouble containing her excitement, but at least she doesn’t have to worry about talking! One has to be very careful what to say, and so many odd situations come up that can catch you off guard. I will work harder so we can be a good team, Lolly!

On a side note – we recently bought the Gentle Leader Easy Walk harness for her. Lolly is so strong now… if she sees someone or something she wants to go to, I get dragged behind her as she runs.  It IS in Berners’ natures to pull, that’s what they were bred to do, afterall – so I do expect it somewhat, but I was surprised that she pulled so much, even with the Sporn harness.  I think she grew accustomed to the weird feeling the Sporn harness relies on, so it’s not very effective with her anymore.   We’ve heard good things about the Easy Walk harness and decided to try it out, and I have to say, it works wonders! It’s as if I’m walking a completely different dog. She stays right by me, otherwise the harness turns her right around. From the moment we put it on her she’s been so much easier to walk (we can even hold the leash with 2 fingers, though I don’t recommend that… haha).  She tried to wander a little bit away, stopped immediately, and looked at us wide-eyed with this confounded look on her face as if to say “What magic is this!?” I really recommend this harness to anyone having pulling trouble!

Other than the pulling (which will probably relax with age) and the occasional accident in the house, Lolly is a dream doggy.  I often wonder if we got lucky with Lolly’s personality, or if it’s the result of very good breeding and all Berners are this way.  Either way, I love you Lolly-pup!  The world is a better place with doggies like you in it!

(Here’s a great video – it made me cry! But please note it might be scary to some of you – It shows some crime before the doggies come to the rescue! Please view at your discretion!)

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been pretty sick lately. I haven’t had much energy so the website has been neglected for a while.

Lolly is her normal, happy self. We actually were having issues earlier with her, where she would randomly pee on the floor, or have excited pee when guests came over. After speaking with our breeder, she recommended we simply take Lolly out more often. We used to take her out whenever she rang the bell, which was about 3 times a day, but now that we take her out every 2-3 hours, she’s been SO much better (and I think happier too). If only dogs could talk and tell us what was wrong, huh?

We still take her to the park a lot. Even though I have no energy, I take her and just let her loose while I sit on a bench somewhere. She really loves everyone at Forest Park. Big and little dogs alike, but especially the people. She still crawls under their legs, which sometimes surprises them, haha.

I have a bunch of videos on my phone. I think I will do a mass update on Lolly’s Youtube site (and I will also post them here). I even had some stuff written down so we could do some training videos but since I got sick I haven’t really wanted to put myself on camera… eventually, I swear, haha.

Lolly’s now started her Therapy Dog certification classes. The first class was a lot of talking. We missed the second one since it was yesterday (Mother’s Day), but we’ll be making that up soon. I’ll let you all know how it’s going!

I hope everyone had a happy, safe mother’s day! Mommies deserve more than just one day of appreciation, but I hope everyone showed their moms some love that day! 😉

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Denver the Guilty Dog

I don’t know if any of you have seen this video floating around on the internet, but it cracks me up! Enjoy!

Please forgive me for not posting up those videos yet! I have a bunch but again, I need to edit them. I’ve also been writing out the points I want to make for my training videos but I haven’t recorded any yet. I have to figure out a good way to film both Lolly and I in the same shot – normally I just take videos of her, haha.

Hope everyone is doing well!

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Lolly’s going to be a Therapy Dog!

So we met with Claire of The Good Dog Foundation today! She was very happy with Lolly’s temperament and training and thinks she will be a good fit as a therapy dog! We need to graduate their Therapy II class and Lolly will become certified. She will be taking her classes at Camp Bow Wow in Long Island City this May! Good job, Lolly!

On a side note, you may notice that I’ve added a captcha for when users want to leave comments… I know it’s a pain in the butt and I wish it wasn’t necessary, but we’ve been receiving a lot of spam comments lately. So… I’m sorry for the annoyance. Please continue to comment though! Lolly and I read through everything together and we love to hear from you all. 😉

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Some Long Overdue Photos!

The weather has finally gotten a bit warmer and nicer… Here are some photos from Lolly’s latest trip to the dog park, and some fun afterwards as well. Check out Gunther, the baby Berner boy, too! I was so excited to see another BMD at the park that day!

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