I want to make it known that Lenin and I do not know everything, nor do we claim to know more than any expert or breeder does out there. Though we’ve done lots of research – talking to other pet owners, Berner breeders, Berner stewards, read books, read articles, read the message boards on pet health sites – by no means does that make us experts and one should always consult professionals for their input before making any decisions.

We hope our efforts show you that despite being new to the dog-owning world, we are serious about educating ourselves so that we do know more and can make better informed decisions as we go along. The purpose of this blog is to share our knowledge and our experiences with you so that you can learn along with us (and hopefully not make the same mistakes).

Everyone has their own opinion as to what is right for a dog, whether it be their diet or how to train them. Obviously not everyone can be right. We have gotten different opinions on everything, from everyone in all walks of life regarding dogs – regular owners, breeders, the stewards… even among vets. The bottom line is – everyone has different opinions. Really, one just needs to learn as much as possible and make the best, most informed decision they can. What more can anyone ask of you?

This is why it’s important to do your research and also talk to people – your breeder, message boards, websites, other breeders and breed stewards. We rely on our breed steward and breeder because of their expertise. They’ve been authorities on the breed and are on the berner.org site as well. But we also value them as a resource because we’ve seen their dogs and they are beautiful and healthy, have won many awards and best-in-shows, been featured in books, etc. They obviously know what they are doing and have also been doing this for decades! To us, that is an incredible track record that we can respect and learn from, and why they play a big part in the decisions we make.

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