Lolly’s LOL List

*likes to “frog leg” her hind legs when she’s lying down, like a mini-bear rug.
*likes to also do an odd “chicken leg” with her front legs too, where she tucks them under her armpits.
*likes to burrow under your legs when you’re sitting on the floor. Mini ottoman, anyone?
*can sleep through anything if she’s tired enough.
*has bed-head when she wakes up, not to mention a bewildered look until she figures out what’s going on.
*loves to bite her tail and spin around in circles until she looses balance and falls over!
*gets the hiccups at least one a day (though always manages to stop them before I can record it on my camera).
*makes the cutest grunt when she realizes she’s not getting what she wants and gives up, and then pouts.
* did little, slow bunny hops down our stairs until she grew big enough to walk down them normally!
*lifts up her foot and has her tail straight out like a pointer dog when she smells something on her walks.
*loves to please us, and will go through all the tricks she knows without asking to get our attention (or food).
*is surprisingly capable of really loud, ripping farts and burps!
*barks quietly under her breath when she sees something of interest. Especially pigeons.
*gets super fluffy right after her baths (she looks like she stuck a finger in a socket!). SO SOFT!

(More endearing acts to come, as we experience them!)

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