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  1. Nicole Anderson says:

    Puki! I can’t believe I hadn’t been into your blog until now! It’s so good! Lolly is totally adorable. I can’t believe how much she’s grown even since I last saw her! Keep up the good work raising her and hopefully I’ll see you all again soon!

    P.S. Soon I want to see an article on training her to use a bell when she has to go out.

  2. Puki says:

    Nicole! Thanks for checking out our blog. Lolly has definitely grown, she is now 21 lbs! I’m not sure if I can write a whole article on using the bell when she goes outside though, we just rang it every time we went out and now when she needs to go or sees the leash she runs over to it and rings it, sits, and wags her tail like crazy, lol. But I’ll include it in my next post!

  3. Lily says:

    Hi, I was wondering where you got Lolly’s Crate? It looks quite good. Also how old was Lolly when you got her?
    We have found this really good breeder, we have talked to them etc, but they are about 9 hours away! We dont mind travaling, but we are worried how the puppy would feel…. Do you think we should keep looking for a closer breeder?
    We would stop sort of every 2 hours maybe every hour and a half.
    P.S She will be a bernese pup 😀

  4. Puki says:

    Hi there! We actually got Lolly’s crate from Crates of this size can get pretty pricey and we were ok with getting one second-hand (though we disinfected and washed it down multiple times just to be safe). This one is a Midwest iCrate cage, 42L x 28W x 30H. Petedge has great prices in general and they actually have an XXL one for sale on there ( for $136 (we got ours used for about $60). But don’t be afraid to bargain hunt and use Google search and the shopping option or something like that. We were originally looking for Precision crates because our breeder recommended them. If you’d like that, you can find where they are sold here: When I visited Petco they also had some sturdy-looking wire crates, but I feel they inflate their prices a bit.

    Puppies can actually be surprisingly hardy in tough situations! Lolly was almost exactly 2 months when she had her 15 hour drive from MI to NH. She then had another ride with us for 6.5 hours the next day from NH to NY. She was very good! Initially she whined when first put in the car (But who wouldn’t? It’s a scary moment and she had no idea what was going on!) but it helped that I sat with her in the back the whole ride home with her while Lenin drove. She would sleep most of the time, and when awake she was fine if I paid attention and with a chew toy. She whined whenever she needed to pee, and we raced to pit stops and let her out (roughly every 1.5/2 hours). If you’re willing to do the driving with the frequent pit stops, I think your Berner pup will be ok! It’s more what you’d like to do. I know some Breeders can also ship the puppy by plane, and now that it’s cooler more airlines are offering that option (vs. the summer) but I was never comfortable with that idea. That seems more scary than a long car ride, because (s)he’d be all by herself. Plus I always had the fear that they might “lose” her like some of the horror stories I’ve heard.

    Good luck with your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy! They are SUCH sweeties! And be prepared to have random people stop you to ask you about him/her, even on your first few pit stops!

  5. Lily says:

    Thanks much about the crate 😀

    And wow, i had no idea they would be ok for so long in a car ( even though you take pit stops! )
    Im planning to sit in the back the whole time too!

    We dont mind driving at all, and i would never want to have my puppy shiped over. like you said all the horror stories, plus i wouldn’t want her to go through that much stress ! )

    Thanks, I am greatly looking forward to having her! And i will try to be prepered for people asking questions and wanting to pet her!

    Also do you know of any nice names? She will be female

    Thanks Again,x

  6. Lily says:

    Sorry was also wondering where you got her other crate? I think its called a fiber-glass crate?


  7. Puki says:

    Hi Lily!

    I’m so excited for you! Puppies are a lot of work (I am reminded every day) but they are entirely worth it. 🙂

    Hmm… good female puppy names are tough. We were having so much trouble coming up with Lolly’s name too, though we seemed to be able to come up with guy’s names with no problem… haha.

    It’s a good idea to choose a two-syllable name at most, anything beyond that is too hard for a puppy to recognize. You can name her something longer, but it’s usually recommended to have a shorter nickname then.

    Originally Lenin and I were having the hardest time – we even considered car names like Audi or Beemer, lol. Somehow we ended up deciding we wanted something with an L in it – it seemed more… playful… to us (no idea why). We thought about Leeloo from that movie The Fifth Element actually, because it sounded so cute – but we weren’t quite sold on the idea – just a gut feeling, and also because we weren’t a fan of the official spelling.

    It’s hard to come up with ideas, so I would google search “dog names” or “girl dog names” to get ideas. This page got us going:

    It’s really just something that when you hear it (or think of it) you’ll be like “YES! I love it! It’s perfect!” Try saying names aloud in the way you would talk to your puppy too. When you want her to come to you, how will it sound? Think like that show, Lassie. The kid would call out “Laaaaassieee!”. Or when you want to give her a command… “_____, sit.” Some names don’t sound as good or seem awkward when you actually try them out!

    It’s nice when it comes from something you both like (like for us, that movie). Anything and everything could be a good name – cars (Audi, Beemer), food (Hershey, Reeses), drink (Bailey, Kahlua), etc. The world is your oyster!

  8. Puki says:

    Oh the plastic-like one? That one we also got second hand. Lenin’s friend, a fellow dog-owner who has a Westie, gave us that one. We wanted a small crate for when Lolly was very small (Because even with the wire crate and the movable wall inside, it was still pretty big. Plus it’s hard to fit the big wire crate in our bedroom!) You’ll still definitely want the wire crate for when your lovely Berner grows though! I’m not sure where she got that from, but again has some for reasonable prices (they actually are a store supplier, so this is what most pet stores pay for it before they sell it to you themselves).

    In fact, they are actually selling nearly the same one here: We have the Petmate Vari-Kennel Ultra. I just measured it and it is the intermediate size – 32″ X 22.5″ X 24″. It was a little big for Lolly when we got her at 2 months, so we covered a small box with a towel and put it in the back (since you don’t want to give a ton of space to a crate-training puppy, she’ll just pee in one end and lie in the other!) Lolly is 4 months now and she still likes to go into it – though she is just a tiny bit too big for it!

    I hope this helps!

  9. Puki says:

    Actually, if you don’t mind me asking, where are you located? Since Lolly is outgrowing this one, if you are close by I might even be able to give this one to you!

  10. Lily says:

    Hi Puki,

    Im looking forward to the ups and downs of puppyhood! Even though it will be challenging. 🙂

    The name site helped alot thanks, we quite like Lola, what do you think? 🙂

    Thanks for the link for that crate, it looks great! 😀

    And we are actually located in the UK. But thanks very much for offering, you are very nice people 😀


  11. Lily says:

    Also my new berner book came through today ( even tho i have about 15 about berners! I just cant get enough! ) Just thought i would tell you that, Lol 🙂 x

  12. Lily says:

    15 Books about berners *

  13. Lily says:

    Hows Lolly doing now? can you put some more pictures on of her shes just gorgeous 🙂

  14. Laura says:

    Hii, i got my berner 6 days ago, i love him so much! Your blog has come in handy for so many things! Thank you so much! But its been almost a week and every time i wake up at 7:00 he has made two times poop and pee, even though i go to sleep at nine but my brother takes him out at 11! please help its driving me crazy! And also he has this rug that he likes to pee on that we used for the car ride home. Should i bring it outside to our yard so then he pees outside but on the rug?

  15. Puki says:

    Hi Laura! Congratulations on your puppy! How exciting!!! He must be so precious. ^_^

    It sounds like you’re having a crazy time, very similar to ours when we first got Lolly! Hang in there, and just remember – this is the hardest part. It definitely gets MUCH MUCH better as time goes on. I’ve learned that puppies’ tummies are very sensitive and it takes time for them to develop anything close to a schedule. (It seemed like an eternity to us!) I can tell you what we did…

    When we first got Lolly, we learned (through trial and error) that we shouldn’t feed her any food later than 6 pm. Any later than that, and she pooped during the night. The water we also took away around 7 or 8 pm, for similar reasons. Your puppy will be a bit hungry and thirsty in the morning, but he’ll be fine after a nice breakfast! Figuring out a good feeding schedule really helped with curbing most of the eliminating during the night so we could get some much needed sleep. We did have to adjust our sleeping schedules as well at first… Lolly woke up like clockwork at 6am almost every morning so we learned to go to bed earlier to deal with that. But each day you wait a few more extra minutes before getting up and eventually the puppy will learn to wake up later, or at least chew on a toy quietly in his crate (and hold his pee) until you do. =P

    Crate training is really the key thing that will help here. Dogs have a natural instinct not to pee/poo on themselves, and they will try really hard not to if they’re in a tiny space – he’ll try to hold it for as long as he can! Of course, a puppy’s bladder isn’t capable of holding pee for too long, and so you should try to let him out every hour or so (during the day). At night he should be ok since he won’t have the water to make him go. Gradually you can extend the time the puppy is in the crate so he learns to hold it for longer too. If you find that he doesn’t need to go every hour, that’s great! Try going every 1.5 hours instead. Learn what his boundaries are. When you do take him out of his crate, always immediately rush him over to where you want him to pee – either on a pee pad or take him right outside. He should let loose right away since he can’t hold it for too long anyway. Since you mention he has a rug that he likes to pee on – you’re right – put it outside! It will help him make the connection easier that peeing out there is an ok thing to do. 🙂

    I wish there was an easy answer to quickly solve your troubles (I feel for you, it is so exhausting!) but unfortunately it just takes time for a puppy’s little tummy muscles to develop. =\ Keep in stock a lot of paper towels and a good cleaning solution that will take away any odors (otherwise he might try to eliminate in the same places again). We were going through paper towel rolls like crazy in the beginning. And do keep it up with your brother. I’m glad you have someone to help you! It helps SO much to have someone you can take turns with when caring for your pup. I got to sleep in one day while Lenin took care of her in the morning, and then he got to sleep in the next when I cared for her. Keep your energy up!

    If you are able, I really recommend grabbing a copy of Dr. Ian Dunbar’s book: Before & After Getting Your Puppy. I didn’t even bother ordering it online, I went straight to a store so I could start reading it right away. Our breed steward recommended it and this book truly is a life-saver!! The book can provide way more detail than any response I can put here, but I’m happy to help with any specific questions that may not be addressed directly in the book too. 🙂

    Good luck!

  16. Laura says:

    Hi Puki,
    Ohmygosh your blog has come so in handy with our 12 week old berner Fonzy, they truly are the best dogs ever! He already stopped biting our hands. He’s figured out how to open the shoe drawer and has eatin already my converses and my moms uggs! Its amazing how they can get into anything, also he’s made already two holes in our garden that he can fit in and go to the neighbors! We also followed your idea of the bark collar with the Citronella spray (he barks like crazy! well its mostly when we leave the house and play with him) But the spray collar worked wonders, in a day he knew he wasn’t supposed to bark!
    I love you blog! Please keep posting! Lolly is growing up to be a beautiful berner!

  17. Puki says:

    Wow Laura! Fonzy sounds like a mischievous puppy! I’m amazed that he knows how to get into drawers! Just goes to show how smart he is! 😉

    I’m so glad that this blog has been able to help you! When I started it I didn’t know if anyone would even read it, so it makes me really, really happy to know it’s helping you!

    Feel free to ask anything, even if I haven’t covered in my blog. So much stuff happens sometimes I don’t remember to write about it all. And if I don’t know, I’ll try to help find an answer! I can ask my breeders too for their expert advice. 🙂

    I hope to hear more about Fonzy! He sounds adorable!! (Is he named after the Fonz from Happy Days? Or Fonzie the bear from The Muppet Show?)

  18. Crystal says:

    Hi !
    Lolly is such a sweetheart! She looks like a lovely pup.
    We are getting a berner in april, coincidently its right next to my birthday which is even more exciting ! How big is Lolly ? When we visited our breeder, Our dogs dam is called Janka, and she is a large bernese bitch, ( 26ins to the shoulder ). They also own her uncle and he is absouluty gorgeous, just like her. He is also very large ( Around 28ins to the shoulder ) They had a litter recently, they kept two- a male and female. So they have 8 all together now. Sorry to ramble on so much! I just love berners sooo much! Also was reading your blog about Lolly being a therapy dog, i also want our dog to be a therapy dog. But we live in England, so the therapy organisation is called “Pets As Therapy” ( AKA P.A.T ) all our breeders dogs are registered therapy dogs, and have fantastic temperments. Once again sorry to ramble on!


  19. nadia says:

    hi, my name is Nadia, i’m from Morocco, i’ve been looking to adopt or bay a baby bernese mountaine dog, for so long but i couldn’t find any in my country.
    i wonder if you can help me to get one? and also is it ok for a bernese dog to live in a medium hot climate, like in Morocco it’s between 19’C and 34’C most times of the year?
    thank you.

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