Happy Late Howl-aween!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late post. I wanted Lolly’s costume to be a surprise for a belated Halloween party this past weekend, so that’s why the website has been silent until now. Hehe.

Here are some photos from the Halloween events!

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3 Responses to Happy Late Howl-aween!

  1. jschro says:

    Lolly is ‘da bomb! –> next year’s costume? 😀

  2. Puki says:

    Hahaha! Love it. Though she would have to be really round and will probably hate me forever if I do something like that. If Lucy’s theme next year is “Favorite Childhood TV Show” I have some good ideas for her… =D

  3. Cavoodleluva says:

    Awwww. She’s sooooo cute!!!

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