My Dog STILL Loves Central Park. =P

Hi everyone!

I know, it’s been a while!  Last update we were so excited that we were going to begin volunteering.  Sadly, we are still waiting for the organization we’re volunteering with to schedule with us!  They’ve really been dragging their feet on it, and we’re all getting a little frustrated.  I’ve never found it so hard to volunteer for something, lol.

This last Saturday was the 9th Annual My Dog Loves Central Park Country Fair.  Sorry that I forgot to alert you all that it was coming up!  I completely forgot about it until I received a flyer in the mail.  Good thing I signed up for it last year…

Lolly had a blast!  We got to play with other dogs, and even saw two other Berners!  Her Puppy Kindergarten trainer, Erica, was there.  Even one of her classmates, Nelson!  It was a lovely reunion. 🙂

We participated in two of the contests.  I wish we had done more.  I really want to show off all of Lolly’s tricks. XD  I swear a video will be coming soon.  I just need someone to videotape both of us since some of the tricks can’t be seen if I have the camera.

We tried the Sit to Greet contest, which was Lolly’s nemesis, because they had all of her weaknesses as distractions! LMAO.  We had to approach three judges and Lolly needed to sit and not move for all of them; no getting up!  That alone is pretty tough for her since Lolly LOVES to meet everyone and tries to sit on their feet and lean on them.  The first had a bag of treats… which… well, Lolly thinks with her stomach!  The second had a stuffed dog… and Lolly loves it when I play with our stuffed dog with her.  She thinks it’s real!  Argh!  The last was a small child with a toy… and we all know how Lolly LOVES children and thinks she’s one of them. So needless to say we didn’t place anywhere, hahaha.  But she had fun, and that’s all that matters.

We also entered the Biggest Lap Dog contest after some urging from staffers at the event. (Sorry if I look horrible in the photos – it was super humid and hot that day >_<.)  I think we have more photos but they’re on Lenin’s camera at the moment, and he’s at work.  I’ll try to add them in later!

Lolly got lots of goodies.  Free samples from Freshpet, which she absolutely adores.  I dice it up and put it in her regular food and she cannot wait to eat it.  I hope I can find where they’re sold soon.  I’ve been rationing out the free samples so far!  She also got lots toys from PetSmart!  Lots of treats too!  At the end they wanted to get rid of all their freebies so we literally got a bag of balls and a bunch of leftover treats.  Lolly was beside herself. =P It’s a good thing we didn’t give her breakfast earlier that day.  We knew she’d be eating a ton at the fair.  She was so trick-and-treated out by the end that she didn’t even want to eat more treats!  It was unprecedented, haha.

Speaking of trick-and-treating (not trick-or-treat, because Lolly wouldn’t be very happy doing one and not getting the other, lol), we’re getting our costumes together for Halloween this year!  Lenin and I have ours already, I need to make Lolly’s, and soon!  It’s a surprise – I hope you all will like it. =P

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