Lolly can swim!

So we weren’t able to take a video since we both had our hands full supporting Lolly, but she swam for the first time this 4th of July weekend!

She was very scared at first and took a lot of convincing…

On Sunday we visited my Aunt and she said it was ok for Lolly to try the pool. She went down step by step until she accidentally put her face in the water! She really didn’t like that and backed right out, LOL. After lots of treats and encouragement, she walked back in to that step, and once we got our arms under her she doggy paddled towards the edge of the pool and then climbed out of the water. She then lay down on our towels and tried to desperately dry her face off, hahaha. At first I thought she hated it and was too terrified, and that was the end of that. But at the end of the night when we were leaving she tried to go in without us saying anything, lol!

On Monday we were in an above ground pool with no steps into it. Lolly came up on the deck with us and would hover her paws one at a time over the water and whine. We thought there was no way she’d come in, so we let her be, and the next thing we know we hear a big splash and Lolly is swimming to the other edge of the pool! We quickly supported her and helped her out and she was good for the night, but again she would keep going back and looking at the water. We closed the gate unless someone was in there to watch her.

She is definitely scared because this is a new experience for her, but I think she actually enjoys it! I’m so happy she is able to swim and cool off on these hot summer days. 🙂

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