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So, a few days ago Lolly threw up in the morning, around 7 am. It’s was only a little bit, since she’s on a pretty empty stomach. It was a beige-ish, yellow-ish color. So far she’s done this every morning since then…

I’ve called the vet asking if I should be concerned. Aside from the vomit everything else seems pretty normal though – she eats fine, poops fine, has plenty of energy… They said it was most likely due to the heat. When I mentioned that Lolly had chowed down some sticks in the yard (I throw all the sticks away now, she ate so much… little girl is nuts!), they said that if she was still energetic and eating and pooping fine then there is no obstruction to worry about. So that’s good news. I’d feel horrible if my oversight led to her getting sick. =\

I’ve done some reading around on the internet, and I came across some interesting theories. Of course, none of them are confirmed yet, but I have a feeling it could be that Lolly has a minor case of IBD that we’ve unknowingly been treating this whole time. A doctor giving advice to an owner with a similar situation to ours mentioned that dogs with IBD can get a build up of acids in their stomach, and this causes irritation and leads to them throwing up in the morning. He mentions that something as simple as giving a late night snack can help. We always give Lolly her favorite treat – a Virbac Hexastrip dental treat around 11 pm, but we ran out recently so we haven’t been able to give her any lately. That’s when the throwing up started. The fact that this all happened around the same time, and that her vomiting happens at the same exact time every morning? I feel it must be this…. it’s far too coincidental. I’ll let you know if I figure anything out for certain, though.

Other than that, Lolly had a great time running around at Forest Park the other day. The next day she played with some of the children down the street with the hose/sprinkler. I gave her a nice bath since she was already pretty wet, hehe. Now she looks super nice and is all ready to meet my Aunt and Uncle on Sunday for an early 4th of July BBQ. We want to make a great impression! I hope they like her. >_< She's such a great girl, I wish people could see that. My family seems to have a lot of preconceptions about dogs and not in a positive way. We will just have to slowly show them over time that Lolly is a really good girl! Monday we will be going to our friend Chris's BBQ, and Lolly will definitely have a good time there! She loves him and his big yard!

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