Lolly’s First Puppy Party!

After graduating from her Therapy classes, Lolly was invited to one of her fellow graduate’s birthday parties! Max has just turned 1 year old, so we brought over some presents to celebrate. Lolly actually started to chew up one of them while we weren’t looking, LOL! We forgot to bring the camera, but Lolly had fun frolicking in the backyard with quite a few doggies. She ran around and ate almost every slice of puppy cake – peanut butter frosting on special carrot cake! – (and had the poops later after it all), performed tricks for everyone, and even waded in the kiddy pool with Charlie the golden retriever. I think she thought the party was for her! She had a great time. She fell asleep right away once we got home. 🙂

Vanessa & Max gave out some great party favors, one of which Lolly really loves to chew on (and has semi-destroyed already). I don’t know why she is so over the moon for this pink ball, but she really loves it more than her regular tennis balls. She chews on this one, whereas the yellow ones she just tries to… “de-fluff” them? (She uses her teeth to pull off the fuzzies on those.) I guess pink is her favorite color!

Lolly loves her new toy!

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