Lolly Likes the Water?! & Lolly’s GDF Graduation!

Lolly had a play-date with Kirby last Wednesday. We love Kirby and his mommy, so it was great to visit them! Kirby is definitely the alpha dog when we get together, but Lolly loves to be the submissive one, so it all works out fine. 🙂 Both pups were little stars when we sat outside of the bubble tea place, lol.

I like to let Lolly experience different dog parks, if I can – I figure it gives her variety, a chance to meet new doggies, and it gives her something new to explore. I am in love with this dog park though! I can’t wait to go back! Tompkins Square Park is wonderful; unlike our usual dog park, this one is cleaner and uses sand instead of dirt. Even if Lolly rolls around in it, as long as she dries off it’s easy to brush the sand off and she’s good as new. Good news for Lolly, since that means no baths for her afterwards! I’m sure she’s happy about that…. Also, since it’s sand, I don’t have to worry about another nails incident like at the concrete park in Battery Park City. Lolly is able to run around as crazily as she wants and is – for the most part -unharmed. She did try to run under a bench when something scared her at one point and hurt herself. These benches are considerably lower than the ones at our usual park so she scraped her back a little bit. Of course, she was a little shocked at first, but then she was back to her usual, unfazed self after a minute or so. Her back is healing up already, too.

The main reason I love this park though, is because Lolly is able to cool herself off even if the day is really hot and sunny. It’s well shaded, but there are also little doggy pools! It took a lot of coaxing and a lot of bribery (treats! lol) to get her to step into that pool, but eventually I got her to go in! At first I think she was suspicious that I was trying to get her into a bath, but I think it helped that a lot of the dogs ran in and out and she saw that they enjoyed it. After we got her in there, she wouldn’t stop going back! She kept running back over to the pool and actually sat and lay down in it on her own. I’ve never seen her so happy. 🙂

Here’s Lolly after she first stepped into the pool:

Loving the Water!

She’s not a swimmer yet (obviously the pool isn’t deep enough), but she definitely enjoys wading!


We had our GDF Graduation yesterday! Lolly is officially a Good Dog. =P Here are some photos of her and her classmates!

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