Lolly’s First Trip to the Beach

So every year my friend has an annual get-together – aka The Bash – at her family’s beach house in S. Dartmouth, MA. They decided to have it on Memorial Day weekend this year, and Lolly was especially invited! Everyone really really really wanted to meet her. 🙂 It was a great time and fun was had by all, most of all Lolly! She had a biiiiig backyard to romp around in, 20 new best friends who all liked to play with her, and she had her first experience at the beach. She was so tired by Monday that she slept almost the entire 5 hour ride back to NY…. and then after eating dinner slept some more in the comfort of her own home.

We are really proud of Lolly. She was very well behaved (except for one ‘excited pee’ in the very beginning)! We were surprised quite a bit this weekend too. Lolly actually liked the water (yay)! She is also apparently a very good guard dog. We were having our traditional bonfire on the beach and, although it was dark and we were all talking, Lolly was able to discern that there were other people walking around nearby that weren’t part of our group. I’ve never heard her bark so much before. I’ve never heard her howl before! She was so alert and on guard, it was a whole new side to her. I’ve noticed that since then she’s actually become a lot more vocal. She’s a good girl. Another surprising thought – though I guess it really shouldn’t be THAT surprising – is that Lolly ate a whole bunch of sand somehow. Her poop for the whole weekend was very sandy! LOL. Luckily it doesn’t seem to have affected her negatively, she didn’t even care. Oh, Lolly….

Here are a bunch of photos of Lolly at The Bash!

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