Happy Birthday, Lolly!

Lolly turned 1 year old yesterday. She’s growing up so fast! Here she is, all washed and clean, posing nicely with her bone.

Lolly is now 1 year old!

Normally I’d throw a birthday hat on her for some festivity, but I think she had any birthday wish, it’d be to not have to wear silly clothes. =P

Lolly was pooped!

I’m sure she has no idea what a birthday is, but she definitely enjoyed her day! We gave her some new toys, extra yummy treats and meals (her favorite part, I’m sure), took her for extra long walks and had extra playtimes. 🙂 She was happy, but pooped! Here she’s snoozing, though not too far away from her new favorite toy… gotta keep that close by. 😉

Practicing our bedside manner! (har har har)

Lolly’s Therapy training is going well. We’re being exposed to lots of different situations. I’m beginning to think I am the weakest link in our trainer/dog team! Lolly has trouble containing her excitement, but at least she doesn’t have to worry about talking! One has to be very careful what to say, and so many odd situations come up that can catch you off guard. I will work harder so we can be a good team, Lolly!

On a side note – we recently bought the Gentle Leader Easy Walk harness for her. Lolly is so strong now… if she sees someone or something she wants to go to, I get dragged behind her as she runs.  It IS in Berners’ natures to pull, that’s what they were bred to do, afterall – so I do expect it somewhat, but I was surprised that she pulled so much, even with the Sporn harness.  I think she grew accustomed to the weird feeling the Sporn harness relies on, so it’s not very effective with her anymore.   We’ve heard good things about the Easy Walk harness and decided to try it out, and I have to say, it works wonders! It’s as if I’m walking a completely different dog. She stays right by me, otherwise the harness turns her right around. From the moment we put it on her she’s been so much easier to walk (we can even hold the leash with 2 fingers, though I don’t recommend that… haha).  She tried to wander a little bit away, stopped immediately, and looked at us wide-eyed with this confounded look on her face as if to say “What magic is this!?” I really recommend this harness to anyone having pulling trouble!

Other than the pulling (which will probably relax with age) and the occasional accident in the house, Lolly is a dream doggy.  I often wonder if we got lucky with Lolly’s personality, or if it’s the result of very good breeding and all Berners are this way.  Either way, I love you Lolly-pup!  The world is a better place with doggies like you in it!

(Here’s a great video – it made me cry! But please note it might be scary to some of you – It shows some crime before the doggies come to the rescue! Please view at your discretion!)

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