Happy Mother’s Day!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been pretty sick lately. I haven’t had much energy so the website has been neglected for a while.

Lolly is her normal, happy self. We actually were having issues earlier with her, where she would randomly pee on the floor, or have excited pee when guests came over. After speaking with our breeder, she recommended we simply take Lolly out more often. We used to take her out whenever she rang the bell, which was about 3 times a day, but now that we take her out every 2-3 hours, she’s been SO much better (and I think happier too). If only dogs could talk and tell us what was wrong, huh?

We still take her to the park a lot. Even though I have no energy, I take her and just let her loose while I sit on a bench somewhere. She really loves everyone at Forest Park. Big and little dogs alike, but especially the people. She still crawls under their legs, which sometimes surprises them, haha.

I have a bunch of videos on my phone. I think I will do a mass update on Lolly’s Youtube site (and I will also post them here). I even had some stuff written down so we could do some training videos but since I got sick I haven’t really wanted to put myself on camera… eventually, I swear, haha.

Lolly’s now started her Therapy Dog certification classes. The first class was a lot of talking. We missed the second one since it was yesterday (Mother’s Day), but we’ll be making that up soon. I’ll let you all know how it’s going!

I hope everyone had a happy, safe mother’s day! Mommies deserve more than just one day of appreciation, but I hope everyone showed their moms some love that day! 😉

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