Ah, Lolly

Lately Lolly has gotten all her old symptoms back. Whenever they come, they all seem to come at the same time, and we never can figure out what it is. It truly is a mystery to us. She has an eye infection again, which she doesn’t help by rubbing her eyes when we’re not looking. We’ve gotten a refill on her eye-drops from before. She also is starting to have the rash again, which… she doesn’t help by licking when we’re not there to stop her, lol. This morning she had diarrhea, and we suspect she also threw up (it seems to have a much different, more… phlegmy(?) look…) Lolly, you have one weak immune system…

We believe it is from the sweet potato my mom gave us. This is also very perplexing because Lolly eats sweet potato all the time in her food/treats, but maybe having it raw is what is driving her nuts. We’re eliminating everything extra from her diet and skipping breakfast so her stomach can settle. She’ll get a nice, simple dinner tonight. Either her plain kibble, or I’ll go with the chicken and rice.

She is definitely lacking in her usual energy this morning. Normally when we wake up she is right next to us, or follows us everywhere. She just stayed put today and rolled over, which in Lolly speak means “Pet me, please.” However now she seems to have regained a little of her spunk. She follows me around and also tries to get me to play tug of war with her every so often, so that is a relief.

On the training front, Lenin and I have decided to take a few steps back regarding her house training. For the most part, Lolly had sort of decided on her own that she didn’t want to go in the house. She would hold it until I took her out to poo or pee. But we’ve noticed that lately she is having more accidents when she gets excited. Apparently this is more common among young, female dogs. It’s frustrating and coming up more often now though than before, and we don’t understand why she is so smart with some things but can’t seem to get this most basic of concepts that every other dog seems to understand. When company comes over she pees. When I have her doing a trick for a treat or her food, she pees. Usually on her bed. Otherwise it’s wherever she happens to be standing. It’s as if when she doesn’t understand what we’re asking, her first thought is “They must want me to pee.” I have no idea where she got that idea from, especially because we’ve never reacted positively to her peeing anywhere but on the pee pad, ever. Yesterday we took the ex-pen out of retirement from its corner of the apartment. We were planning on keeping her in there like when she was several months old, and rewarding her for peeing on the pad with playtimes/attention to reinforce peeing in the correct place, but right now I’m more concerned with her health than putting her in there where I can’t see her directly.

I wonder if she knows this will get her out “jail”…. sometimes I think you’re too smart Lolly, lol.

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