Lolly is a Graduate

Lolly’s last puppy kindergarten class was this past Tuesday. She has now officially passed puppy kindergarten (with a cute little certificate and everything, which she promptly tried to eat)! Sorry for the blurry/crazy photos. I promise to use the good camera from now on… LOL.

Lolly loved her classes… she climbs/jumps into the car much faster than before, because she knows that every time we go in there we end up some place fun!

Lolly has fallen in love with Erica (her trainer) at Biscuits and Bath. She will miss her and her playmates very much… at least until her next class that starts November 30 (with Erica again!). She actually recommended we skip the basic obedience class and go straight for the advanced obedience since Lolly is doing so well, so we will be attending that one. Lolly is such a model student in class, now if only she would be so great outside with all the distractions! I guess that’s our homework… 😉

I know I barely mentioned the kindergarten classes. It seems like just yesterday Lolly was STARTING them! The classes are truly great, especially if you have a well-informed, enthusiastic trainer like Erica leading them. I don’t want to go too in-depth about our experience… that takes out half the fun of going yourself. Plus… these guys DO need to get paid for their efforts after all (I can’t give everything away and then have people not show up to their classes. That would hardly be ethical!). But if there is one thing to take away from our experience, it’s that classes are wonderful resources that can demystify the whole training experience if you are feeling lost or would like a bit of guidance, and they are totally worth it. 🙂

Lolly is about 4 months now, 40 lbs, and knows 22 commands now. We’re trying to think up more!  I’m trying to capture her little bow position when she stretches/wants to play.  It’s taking a while to sink in!  Here are the commands she knows:

  1. Sit
  2. Gimme Paw
  3. Other Paw
  4. Wave (giving paw without our hand there)
  5. [Lie] Down
  6. [Show your] Belly
  7. “Who’s Shy?” (covers her nose)
  8. Roll Over
  9. Stay (until called over)
  10. Wait (until we come back to her)
  11. Get It (grab with mouth)
  12. Leave It
  13. Pull (tug)
  14. Drop It
  15. In the crate
  16. Come
  17. Touch (touch her nose to our fingers.  Very handy if you want to move your dog anywhere or off something without physically moving them yourself!)
  18. Don’t Move (staying VERY still.  We put treats on her nose, or her halters on this way)
  19. Spin
  20. Other way (spin)
  21. On the pad (go on to her wee wee pad)
  22. Go Pee Pee/Go Poo Poo

Video of all of them to come soon!

On another, not entirely separate note, if you are in the New York area there are two great events this coming weekend that we are attenting! Biscuits and Bath will be at both of them as well!

The 8th Annual “My Dog Loves Central Park Country Fair” is this Saturday, October 16 from 11am – 4pm. It’s in the Naumburg Bandshell (mid-park at 72 Street) and it’s FREE! There are lots of events, including agility courses, a Best-in-Park Dog Show, games, and more. Please check out their site to see if it’s something you’d be interested in attending too!

This Saturday and Sunday October 16-17 is also the Meet the Breeds event at the Jacob Javits Center, from 10am to 5 pm each day.. It’s $12/adult $8/child if you order your tickets online in advance (I think the deadline is tomorrow 10/15, so hurry if you want it cheaper!). Otherwise it’s $15/$10 respectively. There will be 160 breeds of dogs there and 41 breeds of cat! No pets allowed this year though (though I think that’s understandable). We are going on Sunday.

Maybe we will see some of you there!

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