Still Sick

So we’ve been feeding Lolly straight kibble since she’s gotten sick – nothing mixed in (we normally put in a tiny spoonful of canned food as well).   Her poo is still very soft, if even existent (she only pooed once today and very little…compared to her normal 3 times a day).  She’s been having diarrhea every night since the vet visit.

Luckily (at the price of not much sleep) I’m able to hear her whining enough to take her out in time to let loose on the wee wee pad instead of in her crate, like earlier.  Poor girl.  If she still has diarrhea tonight we are going to try the method of small meals of boiled chicken and rice tomorrow, limiting her water intake more, and give her either some canned pumpkin or Pepto Bismol to soother her stomach.

We took her out at 8 pm for her night walk tonight (instead of 10 pm like normal) and are going to take her out at midnight according to Dr. McCarthy’s instructions.  Hopefully taking her out later will help.

We’re all at a loss as to why she seems fine during the day (lots of energy, strong appetite, somewhat solid poos) and so bad at night.  She’s not stressed in her crate, she sleeps in it all the time and goes in willingly most of the time…  Her lab results came back after taking her medication and she no longer has coccidia, so I’m just flabbergasted.  I wish she could tell me what was wrong.  /sigh/

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